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The Game Show Mania of College Football

College football is by far one of the most watched spectator sports throughout the United States, as well as the top colleges earn thousands of dollars every year in revenue from this sport. The fact that college football is so popular among fans of all ages makes it an ideal choice for creating a game show format. This idea has been implemented into several successful television programs including The Big Bang Theory, Celebrity Apprentice, The Amazing Race and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

In the game show format, contestants are given three questions to answer in front of a panel of judges. For example, in the Celebrity Apprentice, contestants answer questions related to their profession, their family life, their children and more. Celebrity Apprentice contestants usually answer a different question for each round until they answer the final question as a winner.

College football is a huge phenomenon with millions of people following the action between teams and leagues from coast to coast. College football is also one of the most financially rewarding spectator sports with the largest colleges generating billions of dollars a year in revenue. This is not surprising considering how many people enjoy watching professional football games. It is estimated that there are up to 20 million households watching high-level college football games every week. Football is no longer the domain of the wealthy or elite; it is open to everyone who enjoys the game.

College football games are great for game show formats because they are generally easy to follow. Since the games are played at the high school and college levels, viewers are able to relate to the questions asked on the show. They can also see how much skill, effort and dedication go into playing the sport.

As a game show format, creating a show centered around the sport of college football would give the show producers huge profit. A college football game show would be great for network television and other places where high ratings are sought after. College football is a huge hit with college students and those who like sports.

If you are interested in taking this idea to the next level, consider adding elements of a game show format to your own show. Once you start gaining momentum, you will be surprised how quickly and easily this concept spreads through the media and beyond the limits of your current television program.

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